___SC DAM ACTIV NAVAL S.R.L. is one of the most biggest companies with lot of experience in naval services.
Started at 18th January 2006, under the law 331 and 31/1990 republished from laws 26/1990 republished and modified by 359/2004.
___SC DAM ACTIV NAVAL S.R.L. is registered under ORC in Constanta with J13/99/2006 ; RO18296830.
Today is one of the top services in this area, with organization and professional solutions.
Every service will always be executed to satisfy any client/customer of any kind.
We try to respect our customers needs and to solve their problems with our maximum service at decent prices.

___SC DAM ACTIV NAVAL S.R.L. has more than 60 workers with a lot of experience in naval industry, always ready to solve your problems as fast as possible using high quality standards.
Our first objectives:

  • The evolution of naval services in this country.
  • Better quality in every kind of problem to be solved at maximum service.
  • The evolution of our products and technology in this area.


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